50 Beginner

50 Experienced

70-110 Beginner (3 speed, auto)

70-110 Experienced (3 speed, auto)

80-120 Beginner (manual clutch)

80-120 Experienced (manual clutch)

125-150 Beginner (All ages)

125-150 Experienced (All ages)

Vet Class 30+ - No Scoring


50cc Open**       

65cc Open**

85cc Open**

Open Outlaw (80-150 Manual clutch)

65-85cc Beg

(**2 Stroke classes)

What is Mini Thunder?

Mini Thunder is a safe, organized and controlled environment of amateur racing with it’s aim to provide knowledge and skills about motocross to people of all ages.

It was established in 2003 as a pit bike series and later grew to what it is today.  What we realized is there was nowhere for young riders to learn how to race properly in a safe manner. So we redesigned our pit bike series into what we refer to as a “stepping stone” into the world of racing motocross.  Now Mini Thunder is recognized as one of the largest young rider development series in Canada.

We at Mini Thunder are proud to begin the path of tomorrow’s motocross and supercross stars.

Welcome back to another year of unforgettable Mini Thunder racing.

  1. 1.*New 2013:

  2. 2.*Each race will be pay as you go

  3. 3.*There will be no membership sign up day . Registration must be mailed to 1612 Oilsprings line,Brigden ON N0N 1B0, or hand delivered to WCK Honda in Corunna In order to race this season you must have your forms in with payment by April 29. There will be a late fee of $50 if you sign up after may 1 unless you are new to minithunder.

  4. 4.*There has to be min. 5 riders to make a class.

  5. 5.*There will be only one rain date.

* All bike numbers are reserved for returning riders, basically what number you where this past season you will have for 2013, unless you are moving to a new class you may have a new number assigned (YOU WILL 100% NOT  BE SCORED IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE PROPER NUMBERS ON ALL 3 SIDES OF YOU BIKE)

* There will be a 2013 MOVE-UP list of riders posted after first practice.

More info to follow. Thanks


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Changes For 2013: